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Hussein Mohamed defends Ruto amid backlash over Christmas gifts to Sugoi neighbours

President William Ruto faced backlash after thousands turned up at his Sugoi home for Christmas gifts, prompting State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed to comment on the matter

President William Ruto in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed has responded to the backlash that President William Ruto faced on social media with a section of netizens bashing the President over his Christmas gifts to thousands of neighbours at his Sugoi home in Uasin Gishu county.

The Head of State hosted thousands of his neighbours, spreading love and Christmas cheer by giving packages of donations with netizens slamming questioning his actions and challenging him to make the festive season better for all by lowering the cost of living and creating jobs for all to celebrate without relying on donations.

"Spreading joy and festive cheer in Sugoi, Uasin Gishu County! The President and I hosted a heartwarming Christmas gathering to share the festive spirit and gifts with our wonderful neighbours," read a statement issued by the First Lady read in part with netizens weighing in.

Some claimed that after prices of basic commodities increased beyond the reach of many under his watch, the President has now resorted to giving donations rather than focusing on reducing the cost of living form many to afford the same commodities rather than relying on donations.


Kijana Ya Baba (Parody):Ruto impoverished his citizens with punitive taxes and now the masses reduced to begging in line for his Christmas handout. All of that 60 years after independence. This country needs radical transformation

WilsonMN: Dear Ruto, “Festivise” the whole country not just your retirement home.

Others wondered how Kenyans living from hand to mouth who are not as lucky as the president’s neighbours would celebrate.

Captain. Exuberant Gentleman: As a president for all, aren't we all his neighbours? So can he share with every Kenyan?


Victor Oria, Ph.D.: The word of God says that whatever your right hand gives, your left hand should not know.

Others opined that with at least 70,000 Kenyans having lost their jobs with many more unemployed, the focus should be on formulating policies that will encourage investment and create jobs for many to afford the same items that the head of state gave out without relying on donations.

Dennis Kimani : It's better if they were empowered to afford their own Christmas...Flood refuges and Victims are better to receive Donation.

Alex Ngare: If those residents from Sugoi were empowered economically, would they still line up for branded donations? 60 years after independence we are still thinking of donations? Leaders should think for once.

KEVIN GITHINJI: Hussein , you said Uasin Gishu. right? What of the rest 46? I think all is needed is a fair playground (reasonable taxation & no tax evasion ). With a good framework we the citizens should be rewarding H.E the President.


In the wake of the backlash, State House spokesperson defended the President’s action, noting that sharing with humanity should be encouraged, and being mean is a bad thing.

"President William Ruto today sharing with his neighbours in Sugoi during this festive season. Unbelievable how some (whose sport is to find fault at everything as the President said) would criticize sharing with the people.

"If you're against sharing with your neighbours and humanity, you might want to check if your heart's still beating. Being mean is a bad thing, but it’s even worse to campaign against sharing with humanity," he wrote on his X account.

While many agreed that sharing is good as noted by Hussein, many opined that in yesterday's case the intention may have been more than just sharing as all the bags were branded prominently with photos splashed all over social media.

Nelson: My question is if the main purpose was sharing then why the branding of those bags??


Anne Amulele, PhD: While sharing is good. The fact that they were branded with his position and shared on social media shows it was done for show. If it was true we wouldn't know


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