A Nakuru court was on Thursday told that slain Rugby star Mike Okombe was stabbed by his girlfriend, Maryann Mumbi, during a truth and dare game.

Vincent Omondi, a witness of the brutal incident that saw Okombe knifed in the chest, said that a heated argument ensued between the two lovebirds during the game.

Omondi was one of the guests attending the birthday party of Calvin Okoth’s daughter. Okoth, a brother to Vincent, is a second suspect in the murder of the rugby player.

According to Vincent, the confrontation forced some of the guests to leave the room but things escalated from bad to worse.

“We were seated around a table in the dining room playing a game of asking and answering questions. An argument ensued, forcing some of us to move out and leave the deceased in the house. He, however, followed us and tried to beat Ms. Mumbi, before they were separated,” he said.

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Vincent recounted trying to restrain his brother Calvin from engaging in a fight with Okembo, who he mentioned was drunk and violent.

“As I was holding back my brother from fighting the deceased, I saw Okombe stand up and charge towards Ms. Mumbi, who in turn picked a knife and stabbed him in his chest.

"She stabbed him in the chest and hit him several times on the back with the stick before she ran into the house. Mr. Okombe turned around holding his chest before he fell down. When he turned upside down, we were shocked to see him bleeding,” Vincent testified.

Okembo was killed in November 2017 during the birthday party held at Calvin Okoth’s house in Kiamunyi.

The Nakuru RFC flanker was pronounced dead upon arrival at Valley Hospital in Nakuru.

The case will be heard on September 26.