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Ruto & adopted daughter steal the show at Safari Rally with touching hand-in-hand moment

Deeply touched by the extraordinary story of how Nadia was discovered buried in the forest by a grazing cow, William Ruto decided to adopt her

President Ruto and his adopted daughter, Nadia Cherono at the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Naivasha, Nakuru county in March 2024.

President William Samoei Ruto has captivated Kenyans with a heartwarming display of fatherly affection during a public event.

The President openly exhibited his paternal instincts toward his adopted daughter, Nadia Cherono, at the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Naivasha, Nakuru county.

During the WRC Safari Rally, President Ruto was seen walking closely with his adopted daughter, Nadia Cherono, who struggled to keep up with the pace of the event.


The Head of State tenderly held her hand, demonstrating a deep bond between them.

In videos shared on TikTok, captions referred to Nadia as President Ruto's adopted girl,' highlighting the special connection they share.

One caption revealed that Nadia was named after Ruto's mother, emphasising her significance in his life.


The heartwarming display of fatherly love between President Ruto and Nadia elicited a positive response on social media.

Many users took to the comment section to commend President Ruto for his compassionate treatment of his adopted daughter.

In 2015, Nadia's fate seemed grim as she was discovered buried deep in the forest, her body overrun with maggots.


Miraculously, a grazing cow stumbled upon her and led its owner to her location, where Nadia lay barely clinging to life.

She was later taken to Madre Ippolata Children’s Home, where she received vital care and attention.

Her survival against the odds touched the heart of Ruto, who was the then Deputy President of Kenya, prompting him to make a life-changing decision.

In an act of compassion, Ruto chose to adopt Nadia, welcoming her into his family with open arms. He bestowed upon her the name Cherono, honoring his mother in a gesture of love and kinship.



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