Machine guns were unnecessary just to get my cheque book - Waiguru shames EACC after dramatic raid

I was shocked to be woken up by armed policemen - Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru inspecting a county project. 23 MCAs on June 9, 2020 voted to impeach her over gross misconduct and abuse of office

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru on Thursday issued a comprehensive statement on an early morning raid conducted by EACC on her homes.

An appalled Waiguru shamed the EACC and a contingent of armed police officers who conducted the raid stating that it was unnecessary.

"There is nothing you can look for in a person's house to evidence imprest management. It is therefore a shock to be woken up by a battery of fully armed officers raiding my house to 'look for evidence on imprests'. Indeed, and EACC can confirm, the multi-person search, complete with police toting machine guns elicited only one document from my official residence and from from my house in Nairobi – my cheque book. This could have been easily availed with a simple request," the governor stated.

Its about 2022 succession - Waiguru

The Governor's statement went on to suggest that the raid was motivated by 2022 succession politics.

"I am also surprised that EACC now claims the investigation is of Sh22 million. I wonder where they got this new figure from considering in the impeachment allegations and their own interrogation of the same the amount was Sh10 million.

"The inescapable conclusion is that this is not about investigating travel imprests but a wider scheme to shape 2022 succession politics of Mt Kenya, and, to detract from critical allegations against a multitude of persons on various multi million corruption allegations. This is a decoy," she argued.


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