Parent react as Kenya's top girl in 2018 KCSE is placed at TUK

I am happy

Technical University of Kenya

Parent of top KCSE student in 2018, Juliet Irine Otieno, was on Tuesday overcome with Joy after the daughter was placed in the Technical University of Kenya.

The mother, Mary Otieno, stated that she was happy with the choice of university given to her child.

Mary pointed out that Juliet had wanted to pursue a course in aeronautical engineering and she was grateful to God that that dream had come true.

She further pointed out that the best student in the country had desired to do her studies in the related field outside of the country.

“She had, in the past, expressed interest in pursuing the course outside Kenya. If God would help her get a scholarship to further her education in a more advanced nation, I would really be grateful,” explained Mary.

Atheists society want Juliet to join organisation

In December 2018, Juliet had been offered Sh100,000 by the Atheists in Kenya to join the group.

Through the society’s president Harrison Mumia, the organisation had wanted the top student to be a brand ambassador for the society.

“Our leadership has decided to offer Juliet Sh100,000 in recognition of her exemplary performance on one condition: She must register and becomes a member of our society before 15th of January, 2019. We request her to register by visiting our website,” remarked Mumia.

He had further promised to work with the exceptional student to bring changes in the education system in regards to religious education reforms in the curriculum.


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