Meet Westgate superman who rescued civilians at 14 riverside drive

Westgate hero in action at 14 riverside drive attack

The Westgate superman in action at 14 riverside drive

His pictures have been shared widely on social media with many asking who's this man?

Donning a yellow shirt with a pistol grip on his right hand, Inayat Kassam helps a visibly distressed survivor from the scene of the crime.

Mr Kassam is an experienced combative and shooting instructor and is the Managing Director of Scorpio Africa Ltd in Nairobi.

Selfless hero

On Tuesday when gunmen attacked the Dusit business complex, Mr Kassam, who is a licensed firearm holder responded in an effort to save many lives.

His efforts to help Kenyans were also witnessed during the Westgate attack in 2013, where together with other licensed firearm holders engaged the assailants in a gunfight.

The Kenyan superman was responsible for personally coordinating a rescue mission into the besieged Westgate shopping centre during the 2013 terrorist attack. 

Saving lives

His team and expertise were instrumental in saving the lives of many civilians.

As the Managing Director of Scorpio Africa Ltd in Nairobi, Mr Kassam's team provides security management and training in the form of security personnel, unarmed/armed training and certified firearm training.

Mr Kassam has also been involved in community policing within Nairobi for almost two decades.

His years of community policing and an immense knowledge regarding local crime patterns his expertise has been incorporated into his various training programs.


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