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1-month-old baby dies after mother mistakenly places her in oven for a nap

A woman has been charged with felony after her 1-month-old baby was found dead in an oven

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A Kansas City mother, Mariah Thomas, has been charged with a felony after her 1-month-old baby was found dead in an oven, according to authorities.

The incident has left the community stunned and reeling from the tragic loss of an innocent child.

The baby's grandfather, upon returning home and detecting the smell of smoke, made the grim discovery of the infant's lifeless body in her crib.


According to Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker, the distressing incident occurred earlier this week when Thomas allegedly placed her newborn daughter inside an oven, resulting in fatal consequences.

Police responded to a 911 call reporting a non-breathing infant, only to discover the baby with apparent burns upon arrival at the scene.

The Kansas City Fire Department found the 1-month-old baby lying in a car seat inside the living room, with visible thermal injuries on various parts of her body.

The clothing she wore appeared to have melted onto her diaper, indicating the severity of the situation.


Additionally, a baby blanket with significant burn marks was discovered on the property, further corroborating the harrowing nature of the incident.

Authorities were informed that Thomas had inadvertently placed the infant in the oven while intending to put her down for a nap, instead of placing her in the crib.

Thomas admitted to accidentally placing her daughter in the oven, adding to the sorrow and shock surrounding the tragic event.


In light of the horrific incident, Thomas now faces a Class A felony charge of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the 1st Degree, Death of a Child.

The severity of the charge reflects the gravity of the situation, with a potential minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum of life imprisonment if found guilty.


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