National Super Alliance Coalition (NASA) flag bearer, Raila Odinga has today made new revelation allegedly linking the Jubilee administration, IEBC and OT-Morpho, the French firm behind Kenya Integrated Elections Management Systems (KIEMS).

Flanked by his co-principals, Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi, Raila said IEBC and Jubilee had together conspired to commit elections malpractices and deny the people of Kenya their democratic rights.

“IEBC and Jubilee are partners in crime, the two need each other, if Jubilee is in power it will protect its co-conspirator, those IEBC officials have every reason to protect Jubilee as their only source of protection.” He said at a Sunday press briefing.

Mr. Odinga further added that they were privy of how Jubilee and Safran Morpho were in bed together and how money exchanged hands to seal the deal.

“We also have information of the link between Safran Morpho and senior officials of Jubilee, their local partners. We even know how commissions have paid through a legal company in town (Nairobi)  to some officials in IEBC and also to Jubilee officials”

Odinga questioned how IEBC, Safran and Dubai based printing firm, Al Ghurahi  as currently constituted could purport hold another elections yet they had bungled the other one.

“The question that follows is why should Kenyans trust these individuals and institutions with another election, Is it because the IEBC official went on a retreat and buried the hatchet? is it because safran morpho supposedly conducted an audit and declared itself clean? is it either because Chiloba provided the answers and handed them to Mr. Wiliam Ruto?  is it because Al Ghurahi is now committed to transparent engagement to the people of Kenya? Our answer is no”

He reiterated their call of major structural changes and personnel changes at the electoral body and announced NASA will launch countrywide campaigns against election malpractices.

“IEBC as currently constituted together with the institutions which conducted the Augusts elections cannot conduct a free and fair elections in October.”