Raila Odinga's CORD 2013 manifesto

He lost to Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 after a contesting results in the High Court.


1. Jobs

This could be achieved through:

  • Taking at least one major industry in the rural areas
  • Restructuring the Youth Empowerment Fund to meet the youth in Kenya.
  • Open branches of Kenya Industrial Estates all over the country
  • Give incentives to banks so as to finance industries that create jobs.

2.  Food security

This was to be achieved through:

  • Encourage investment in post-harvest processing and preservation and processing
  • Promote value-addition in agriculture through the use of taxation
  • Introduce crop and livestock insurance schemes and free extension services
  • Subsidise farm inputs to ensure increased yield

3. Security

CORD intended to make Kenya secure by:

  • Expanding the use of CCTVs
  • Strengthen community policing for safety
  • Developing a strategy to strengthen response to terrorism and militia groups
  • Create a Directorate of Criminal Investigation, and be independent from the national police.

4. People-led government

CORD projected to

  • Introduce checks and balances in county governments to prevent corruption
  • Reform the police force to ensure the police do not delay or tamper with investigations
  • Promote full participation of both women and men in governance
  • Reform the public service to reward ability

5. Poverty & cost of living

CORD intended to:

  • Increase savings and investment rates by rejuvenating the co-operative movement
  • Promote investment over consumption, geared to high-profit taxes and low interest rates
  • Keep the cost of living as low as possible by ensuring annual inflation is below five per cent
  • Periodically review minimum wages to ensure low-wage earners are cushioned from inflation

6. Social equality

CORD intended to:

  • Introduce a pension scheme for those aged 65 and over
  • Extend cash transfers for orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Establish a national health insurance scheme that covers everyone
  • Ensure that counties meet their constitutional obligations on the provision of basic services

7. Infrastructure & land

CORD aimed at

  • Investing
  • Introducing a modern integrated rail infrastructure that connects Kenyans
  • Addressing historical injustices on land, such as squatter problems
  • Empowering county governments to improve, develop and upgrade local roads

8. Quality education

CORD was to provide quality education through:

  • Reduce regional variations in female to male literacy ratios
  • Review curriculum delivery to hard to reach children
  • Recruit more teachers to correct the high pupil/teacher ratios in some areas
  • Link education with the requirements of industry

9. Health care

CORD intended to:

  • Establish a national health insurance scheme
  • Extend health education and concentrate on preventive health care.
  • Renovate health facilities so citizens are able to access high-quality services
  • Train more doctors, nurses and other health personnel and improve their terms of service

10. One indivisible nation

CORD intended to:

  • End artificial ethnic and factional division of the nation, while respecting ethnic, religious, cultural and racial differences
  • Streamline and harmonise institutions charged with ensuring national cohesion and unity
  • Ensure equal access and equal opportunities to all citizens in their different counties, through positive action to rectify imbalances and through social assistance


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