7 Times Uhuru Pulled an Obama Stunt

Plive.co.ke compiled seven times Kenyatta pulled an Obama stunt


When Mr Kenyatta rose to the helm of power, Kenyans were still beaming with pride from the fact that Obama, their son from Kogelo, was the first black President of US.

The numerous similarities the two leaders share (including the fact that both are left-handed) easily drove many to label Kenyatta the 'Obama of Kenya'.

During his Presidency, Mr Obama naturally displayed a charm that drew masses from different backgrounds to like him, something that can also be said of Mr Kenyatta.

As the Head of State, Obama was known to go against the tide and pulled stunts 'normal' President never did.

Just like Obama, President Kenyatta has also managed to conduct activities out of the norm.

Here are the seven times Kenyatta pulled an Obama-like stunt:

1. Taking photos with Children

Kenyatta just like Obama has been captured numerous carrying toddlers during his tours.

2. State House Visits

Unlike the previous regimes, Mr Kenyatta has opened the doors of State House to many Kenyans including school going children to have a sneak-peek of how the House on the Hill looks like.

On the other hand, Obama held numerous events at the White House in which many ordinary citizens were hosted.

3. Affection to Wife

Though President Kenyatta appears to be a man shy to publicly display affection to his wife, he has managed to show it on several occasions.

When Mrs Kenyatta first participated in the Beyond Zero marathon Kenyatta was at the finish line to warmly hug his wife.

Obama on his part never missed a moment to show the world the love that he had for his wife Mitchelle.

4. Eating from Local joints

In 2016 Mr Kenyatta took the time to eat his favourite delicacy - nyama choma- from the well known Kenyatta market.

Also, Obama severally ate fast food from the popular American joint - McDonald's.

5. Relationship with DP

President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto share an interesting relationship. They call themselves brothers and countless times refer to each other as 'my friend'.

During the annual National Prayer Day held in 2013, DP Ruto revealed to the world some light moments he had with Mr Kenyatta after they were elected.

Similarly, Mr Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden shared a bromance that went deeper than their work.

6. Humanising their speech

Mr Obama and Kenyatta are both great orator. Their command of the English language is also very fine.

The son of Kogelo openly tried to humanise his speech with a bit of joke here and there. On other occasions he would mention a person who had directly benefited from projects spearheaded by his administration.

President Kenyatta also seems to be adopting a similar strategy by highlighting names of Kenyans who have enjoyed some of Jubilee projects.

7. Folding of shirt

Obama was a laid back President who would appear in public with a folded shirt.

When Kenyatta and Ruto first came to office they appeared before the public with folded shirts to show Kenyans that 'Kazi inaendelea' (business is going on as usual).


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