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Pauline Njoroge details how DCI trailed & arrested her in Watamu

Pauline says she is yet to know her crime. Continue reading to find out more

Blogger Pauline Njoroge

Blogger Pauline Njoroge took to her Twitter page to address how she was arrested and framed for being in possession of bhang (marijuana) by the authorities.

Pauline wrote that orders to get her arrested were issued on Wednesday, July 19, although she was ultimately arrested on Saturday, July 22, at 2:00 pm.

According to the blogger, she received a strange call on Friday, and the caller identified themselves as a person who works in a bank.


"This person claimed that he had some confidential documents that he wanted to give me in Malindi and asked me to go alone. This startled me because I had not posted anywhere that I was at the Coast.

"So how did he know? Anyway, I decided to ignore. Nduta also received a call on Saturday morning from a person who wanted to know whether she does tours in Mombasa," Pauline wrote.

She said they went ahead with their plans to visit Gedi Ruins, Hells Kitchen, and the first Church in Malindi, which was set up by the Portuguese.

Then, they left the hotel and noticed a double cabin parked outside. Nduta commented that the occupants looked like officers.


Their driver, Emmanuel, however, said that maybe they were just their neighbors at the hotel.

They boarded their vehicle and left, but they were intercepted by the same vehicle, and they were ordered to proceed to Watamu Police Station.

Pauline notified her advocate about her whereabouts, and her phone was taken moments after they arrived at the police station.


"They however allowed Nduta to keep hers so long as it was within their sight. The situation however changed and even her phone was confiscated. They also took Emmanuel's phone," Pauline said.

She was interrogated in a different room with Nduta, and they later proceeded to their hotel room.

They searched and found collagen and vitamin C supplements, but there was an officer who came with a roll of bhang and claimed that it was found behind her TV.

Nduta's room was also searched, and they went back to the police station after which the police said that they were going to search her car as well.


Surprisingly, two rolls of bhang were found on one of the seats, and Pauline knew that they were trying to frame them.

Pauline continued that on Monday, July 24, they woke up at 5:00 am, expecting to be taken to court. However, they had to wait until 2:00 pm for that to happen.

She mentioned that there was no mention of narcotics when the charge sheet was presented.


She also said that Emmanuel and Nduta had no case to answer, yet they were kept in custody for two nights

'As for me, I still do not know what crime I had committed to warrant my detention.

"As we speak, my gadgets are with the Cyber Crime unit on Kiambu Road, because the powers that be are desperately still trying to get something to pin on me after their previous attempt failed terribly and exposed their evil scheme," Pauline added.

She said that she would not be silenced by detention, and she thanked her family and friends for their prayers.


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