Angry DP Ruto answers Uhuru, vows to defy his latest directive that would ground Tangatanga team [Video]

"Mimi napata mshahara ya Deputy President, kwa hivyo kila mtu afanye kazi yake na tuheshimiane"-DP Ruto

File image of DP Ruto

A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta publicly declared that he will be launching and inspecting development projects himself, effectively grounding DP Ruto’s Tangatanga brigade that has been traversing the country, his deputy has answered back, leaving no doubt that he will defy the directive.

A determined D made it clear that despite the president’s remarks in Nyandarua, he will continue launching projects in his capacity as the DP and called for respect from all quarters.

"Mimi napata mshahara ya Deputy President, kwa hivyo kila mtu afanye kazi yake na tuheshimiane" Said Ruto.

Ruto was drressing the public in Kisii where he also attended the consecration of the second Diocesan Bishop Rev Joseph Omwoyo Ombasa as the Bishop of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya (E.L.C.K), South West Diocese, Ruto set new battle grounds, insisting that he earns the salary of a DP and will not be deterred.

His remarks come just days after president Uhuru Kenyatta made it clear that he wll no longer be sending people to launch projects a those he used to send had turned into hyenas, pursuing their own selfish interests.

“I no longer trust anyone,” said the President in Githioro, Kinangop.

“Those I used to send to represent me and ensure that development projects are on the right track started behaving like hyenas and doing their own things to enrich themselves. Let no one cheat you; from today, I am not sending anyone to help me. I’ll do it on my own.” added the president.

Below is a video of DP Ruto making the remarks as posted by Nation.


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