Uhuru should not trust Maraga – Mutahi Ngunyi

Mutahi Ngunyi gives controversial reasons why Uhuru should not trust Maraga

In his Fort Hall School of Government weekly analysis, Ngunyi and his group of political scientists highlighted several reasons why Mr. Kenyatta should not be kind to CJ Maraga especially after nullifying the August 8 General Election.

“It does not pay to be nice to Maraga, he is the snake of misfortune,” the analysts opined.

The analysts accused Mr. Maraga of propagating rebellion in the country through the ruling that saw Kenya repeat the presidential election highlighting that he ought to be dubbed ‘traitor of the country’.

“We are not persuaded by this Maraga man, we think he is a political snake. We give Maraga a D+ for his logic. To say that process is more important than results falls way below the level of political nonsense.


“Maraga inspired rebellion, he inspired the Nairobi Business Community, the revival of Munguki and he also inspired crude rebellion like that of Babu Owino. Similarly, Maraga’s convoluted courage created a girl called Roselyn Akombe. If Maraga had not ruled the way he did Akombe would not have resigned from IEBC. We do not trust this man,” the analysts mentioned.

Ngunyi’s team refused to acknowledge Maraga’s exemplary work that saw him awarded the 2017 Jurist of the Year Award from the International Committee of Jurists (ICJ).

The controversial political analysts noted that the CJ could turn against Mr. Kenyatta, who recently hailed praises on him during the 6th Annual Report on The State of The Judiciary.

Questions for Maraga

They highlighted several contentious questions that Maraga ought to answer before Kenyatta could fully trust him.

First, they questioned why the CJ traveled outside the country after nullifying the August 8 election. They also demanded answers on the October 25 Supreme Court session that was canceled due to lack of quorum.

"Before Uhuru engages with Maraga, he (CJ) should tell us what he was doing in Lithuania after nullifying the August 8 election. He should tell us why fake documents were used to nullify the election. He should tell us why he convened and aborted Supreme Court session on the 25 October. Did he want to cancel the election?" the analysts posed.

The political scientists reiterated that Maraga was part of a planned coup and the ruling nullifying the election was evidence of it.

This comes after Mr. Kenyatta urged the Supreme Court President to "grow a thick skin" in the wake of criticism from politicians and social media users with regards to recent political rulings by the courts.


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