Chiloba reveals the day he noticed something 'fishy' at IEBC

Chiloba speaks

Among the many topics he touched on, Chiloba spoke about IEBC’s internal memos that suspiciously leaked to the media. According to him, this was done on purpose and strategically.

After the August 8 Election period, several IEBC memos leaked to the media brought to light the infighting that was going on in the Commission’s internal circles.

"Whoever was behind this, was not doing it in good faith," he said.

Akombe's role

The embattled CEO alleged that memos touching on his conduct, the election and the Secretariat were drafted by former Commissioner Roselyn Akombe.

He claimed that Ms Akombe sent the memos to other IEBC officials but deliberately left him out.

“Most of the memos that came to the public domain were never copied to me. I am the Chief Executive Officer but I never once saw the memos she used to write to her colleagues and raising issues related to the election,” he said.

However one day during a meeting, the 40-year-old alleged that he accidentally accessed one of the memos penned by Akombe. He mentioned that after reading the contents he felt that the memo was going to be leaked to the media and thereafter Akombe would resign.

"But one day I landed on one. We were having a training at Safari Park. I landed on one memo and I looked at it. I told the person who had it that this one is prepared for the purposes of leaking and resignation, that is justification for resignation. A week later she resigned," he said.

Chiloba-Akombe relationship

Chiloba went on to admit that his relationship with Akombe was a quiet, passive and aggressive one as she was always attacking the Secretariat while on his end he was defending it.

He added that this became apparent to him after Akombe’s dramatic resignation.

In June 2018, Chiloba was sent on another compulsory leave hours after the court revoked previous orders issued by chairman Wafula Chebukati.

In a circular, Mr Chebukati explained that since Chiloba was also the accounting officer at the Commission it was imperative for him to stay out of office as auditing of major procurement involving the 2017 General Election is completed.

The IEBC chairman stated that the decision was arrived at during a meeting held on 14 June 2018.


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