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DP Ruto responds to Raila's latest fiery remarks

DP Ruto fires back

File image of DP Ruto

A day after former Prime Minister Raila Odinga told the country to brace massive reforms ahead of 2022 elections, Deputy President William Ruto has fired back in what appears to be a war of words between the two leaders.

In a thin-veiled attack, a tough-talking DP Ruto slamed Raila for pushing for a referendum, accusing him of ‘seeking political glory’.

Speaking in Lokichar Turkana South, Ruto maintained that any constitutional change must be of benefit to Kenyans and not merely to create positions for individuals.

"We cannot keep on talking of politics at all to change and improves lives of politicians and their positions in the government. Kenya is not only meant for politicians, it's for the all 45 million people. We can't deal only with necessities of politicians." Ruto asserted.


“The changes the people of Kenya are expecting are changes in their lives in education, roads, the connection of electricity, water and not in the fortunes of politicians,” Ruto said.

“Those telling us that there are changes coming should know that Kenyans want changes that can transform their lives and not the ones that can benefit few individuals,” he added.

He clarified that competition for political positions and power had ended during last general elections and those angling for power should shelve their ambitions and give elected leaders space to deliver.

Raila on claims of with craft and referendum


Yesterday, Odinga gave a fiery response to claims of witchcraft labelled against him by his critics and warned of big changes ahead of the 2022 elections.

A tough-talking Odinga made it clear that witch doctors exist in the society and anyone is at liberty to visit them for their services.

Odinga who was speaking in Nyatike in Migori on Friday dismissed claims linking him to witch craft and clarified that contrary to the allegations by his critics, he is neither a witch doctor nor has he visited one in the course of his impressive political career.

Odinga urged the public to shun politicians who use abusive language against their opponents, stating that using derogatory words against him will not give anyone political mileage.


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