IEBC slaps Ekuru Aukot with 1 million signatures penalty

Dr Ekuru wants the number of senators increased to 94.

The Commission has told Dr Aukot to seek one million signatures to initiate the crucial exercise, which when achieved, could see the number of MPs reduced, to 100 from the current 349.

"As you are aware, the procedure under Article 256 is initiated through a parliamentary process, while the procedure under Article 257 is by way of popular initiative.

Therefore considering the specificities of the proposed referendum by Thirdway Alliance, different provisions may apply," Mr Chebukati said in the reply dated February 27 to Miruru Waweru, the Thirdway Alliance chairman who had written the letter.

Dr Aukot would later term the response from Mr Chebukati idiotic via Twitter.

In his letter dated February 14, Mr Waweru asked Mr Chebukati to slot the party a meeting to "present and discuss details of our proposed referendum."

Idiotic response

The former presidential candidate clashed with Mr Chebukati, faulting him of explaining how to conduct the referendum, instead of responding to the petition.

"Anyone and everyone is at liberty to collect signatures at any time; the Commission need not authorise them.

The Commission only comes in to verify their authenticity and whether they meet the legal threshold, or guide on issues that require a referendum," IEBC’s Communication Manager Mr Andrew Limo said as quoted by the Nation

He added: "We only come in at the stage of conducting one, when and if there will be."

Dr Aukot also sought to increase the number of Senators from 67 to 94. This clause received a boost on Tuesday after Tiaty MP Mr Kamket drafted a bill seeking to increase the number of senators to 94, among other proposed amendments.

Dr Aukot wants each of the 47 counties to act as once constituency and vote in two MPs and two senators, with each of the posts having one male and one female candidate.

“You will have addressed the question of over- representation, you will have brought down the wage bill and you will address the question of equality and discrimination of women. In terms of cost, it costs us Sh32 billion per year to run Parliament. We will reduce it to Sh5 billion,” Dr Aukot said.


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