KTN's Sophia Wanuna tackles Murkomen after tweet on Miguna


KTN's Sophia Wanuna tackles Kipchumba Murkomen after tweet on Miguna

KTN political reporter and news anchor Sophia Wanuna on Wednesday hit out Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen over a tweet where he purported to condemn the government's handling of Miguna Miguna's situation.

Murkomen came out to criticize the government's refusal to obey court orders, which he appeared to blame on the handshake which has been heralded as the start of a new Kenya where the rule of law is upheld.

"The frustrations Miguna Miguna is facing epitomizes the hypocrisy of Kenyan politics of “change”& “Kenya Mpya”. It paints ugly BBI&handshake. If we can’t embrace MM with his divergent ideas how shall we pretend to unite a nation?MM should facilitated as we should&not frustrated," the Senator said.

Wanuna boldly told off Murkomen, pointing out that the Elgeyo Marakwet Senator was a senior government official overseeing government business in the Senate.

She added that Murkomen could not just tweet about the illegalities but ought to use his position to push the conversation at a higher level.

"It is the government which you serve in that is doing this sir! ... you are leader of majority in this seemingly ‘rogue’ government ... what are you doing to hold it to account? You can’t just tweet like the rest of us my friend," the journalist boldly declared.

Murkomen later responded by indicating that those who break the law do so in the individual capacity.

"Thank you Sophie. If my office was required to do anything for MM or any other citizen I would have done it. I have given my counsel. The courts should jail government officials who are In contempt of court orders.There is no collective responsibility in violating the constitution," the Senator said.

Wanuna is among few bold journalists who have come out to condemn the government's blatant disobedience of court orders requires the unconditional return of Miguna to his motherland Kenya.

"The government must stop this monkey business over MM ... it’s blatantly disregarding court orders ... leo ni yeye, kesho ni wewe/mimi ... Good morning," she said on Wednesday morning.


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