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Uhuru’s team angered by Magufuli’s latest action

The Tanzanian President has recently made several moves that have frustrated the Kenyan government.

President Magufuli has implemented trade policies that seek to promote Tanzania products, which has come to the expense of Kenyan businesses.

Kenyan government officials have now protested that the measures taken by Magufuli’s government appear to be targeted at Kenyans.

Foreign Affairs Political and Diplomatic Secretary Tom Amollo castigated Tanzanian officials after they burnt 6,400 chicks belonging to a Kenyan trader.


The Tanzanian government stated that the chicks were incinerated after they were suspected of having bird flu.

The incident was received with consternation given that there had been no reports of bird flu in Kenya and the Foreign Affairs ministry was not consulted as is procedure on such matters.

It has also emerged that the Tanzanian authorities have been auctioning animals owned by Kenyan herders without following a joint-border consultation.

The Maasai community, which spreads across the Kenya- Tanzania border, has a long history of cross-border grazing which has hitherto been regulated through fines.

“Cross-border grazing happens not only along the border with Tanzania, but also along our borders with Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia, yet none of these countries has resorted to such drastic action against the property of citizens of a neighboring and friendly country,” Mr Amollo said.


“There may be need to urgently convene the Kenya-Tanzania Joint Border Commissioners/Administrators Committee Meeting to address emerging cross border issues,” Amollo remarked.

At the same time, the Tanzania High Commissioner in Nairobi, Pindi Chana, has already been summoned to explain his government’s seeming hostility.


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