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MP exposes Kuria's malicious intentions and dirty tricks that led to the drama at Kitui BBI rally

Moses Kuria’s 15 Mins of shame-MP spills the beans

Moses Kuria at the BBI rally in Kitui

Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria who led Aron Cheruiyot, Kipchumba Murkomen, Kimani Icungwa in causing drama at a BBI rally in Kitui has been accused of using underhand means to get publicity after their failed bid to hold paralle BBI rallies.

In a piece titled Moses Kuria’s 15 Mins of shame, Nyeri town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu opined that the Tangatanga brigade has come up with a strategy of deliberately showing up late and interrupting BBI rallies to make news.

He noted that just like it was observed in Kitui yesterday, the Tangatanga brigade employed the same tactic in Mombasa.

“Aron Cheruiyot, Kipchumba Murkomen, Kimani Icungwa and Moses Kuria deliberately showed up late for#BBIKitui. This seems to be a plan TangaTanga has come up with as a means of interrupting BBI forums, and making news. (They did the same in#BBIMombasa but after today am sure it wouldn't be allowed to happen again).” Opined Wambugu.


He also revealed that the Kuria and his Tangatanga brigade ferries a bunch of his supporters to BBI rallies and deliberately positions them near the media to chant his name and come to his defense when he eventually starts to throw tantrums.

“Then a small group of their supporters - who had so very obviously being transported to the event and strategically stationed near the media - started shouting Kuria’s name.” Wrote Wambugu.

The Nyeri town lawmaker revealed that the Tantatanga brigade arrived at a time when the dais was already full but still demanded to “be allowed to go all the way and sit at the front of the dias; which was already full”.

After a brief push and pull, Cheruiyot, Icungwa & Kipchumba ultimately agreed to sit as directed but Kuria chose to cause drama that made news.


“Kuria - being Kuria - decided to be a cartoon and fight about it. He nearly got ejected and seriously beaten up for it. But he got his 15 mins of fame for seating on the ground. But even he didn’t manage to interfere with the program and after this brief interlude the meeting continued. And ended well.

“The question people are now asking is why it is only Kuria who got mishandled. Or did he actually think he could stop reggae!” Added the Nyeri town lawmaker.

Kuria's take and warning to Kalonzo

At the same time, the Gatundu South MP took to soial media, alleging that e had been mishandled by people well known to him but he has since forgiven them.

“Charity Ngilu (A very close personal friend, it hurts), Dr James Nyoro and those in whose name violence was visited upon me, Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga. I forgive you. Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing. For those who-yet again after Mombasa- beat me up, I forgive you too.” Kuria wrote.


He also thanked a section of the crowd that resisted efforts to have him kicked out of the rally.

“To the great people of Kitui, God in heaven knows how emotional and grateful I am to you. You have done me and my colleagues proud. To former Kitui Governor and next Governor of Kitui Prof Malombe, Kitui people miss you and it was clear. For Kalonzo Musyoka my friend, open your eyes man. Raila has cheated you thrice and you are still singing praise and worship. And to all Kenyans, fasten your seat belt. The determination by some people to transition to Executive Prime Minister is going to be vicious.” Added Kuria.


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