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Details emerge on Uhuru’s spies who have been secretly carrying out lifestyle audit

Ni kama movie, kama drama

The Standard reported some of the persons under investigations, narrating their experiences that mirror the script in Hollywood spy films.

According to the witnesses, the persons under investigation are issued with a random summon and told to make their way to a specific destination and asked to carry only their national identity card.


Upon arriving at the rendezvous, one is asked to board a waiting car and driven to one of several highly secret houses located in Nairobi’s high-end estates.

“You are asked to give a brief introduction and your background before being taken through the main interview. The stage involves being asked to state what you own and how you acquired it. You are also asked to declare what your close family members own on your behalf,” a witness was quoted by The Standard.

The task force is so thorough that one official was asked why he had failed to declare his old car that he had long abandoned in his garage.

In the event that answers are not satisfactory, officials are taken to a separate house where they are subjected a polygraph test that looks at blood pressure, pulse, respiration and skin conductivity to test a lie.

Other witnesses hinted that they had opted to resign after learning of the experiences from their colleagues.


Senior officials including PSs are also said to be in panic and have been extra-vigilant in managing finances in their ministries.

The report is said to form the basis of the grilling by the new task force that has also brought in other representatives from the Attorney General’s office, the DPP, DCI, KRA, and other relevant bodies.


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