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Raila's 3 year old grandson dragged in embarrassing scandal

It involves events at an upmarket restaurant in Nairobi

Controversy started after Odinga's son, Raila Junior, accused Karen's Talisman Restaurant of racism after he dined for brunch with his family at the establishment.

Junior would later take to Twitter where he accused the restaurant of racial discrimination against his child claiming that the restaurant reserved toys only for white children.

However, activist Boniface Mwangi responded and claimed that Junior had unfairly accused Talisman of racism.


Mwangi also claimed to have seen the CCTV footage which demonstrated that Junior's young son was not discriminated against.

"Kids were playing at the Talisman restaurant's playground. A 3 yr old came with his own toy car. He shared his car with another child. After sometime, the boy wanted it back. The boy’s nanny asked for it... went online to maliciously accuse Talisman of being racist".

"I saw your tweet and called the management because as their client l was concerned. They gave me their version and sent pictures. You want the management to call you because a child took back a toy from your child? Here is a picture of that toy car your child wanted. Buy her one," Mwangi tweeted.

The younger Odinga, however, has insisted that the toys belonged to Talisman and not to the white child who was playing with it.

The two have continued with back and fourth accusations with Mwangi calling on Junior to watch the CCTV footage to understand the incident.


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