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Sonko explains how he tricked Waititu in leaked phone recording

It was a trap!

Last week, Waititu was caught pants down pleading with Sonko to release his wife, Susan Ndungu, who was arrested alongside 15 other people, for constructing illegal buildings in Nairobi.

Speaking during an interview on Milele FM, Mr. Sonko dismissed accusations that he was also being corrupt by promising to release Waititu’s wife owing to their friendship.

According to the flamboyant Governor, his remarks were just part of the ploy to expose the Kiambu boss.


"When you are trying to expose someone, you can say anything. Kenyans should understand that when carrying out certain operations there must be traps.

"So I lied to Waititu that his wife was being released but it was never going to be so," he said.

Sonko went ahead to explain that when he asked Governor Waititu to speak to President Uhuru Kenyatta concerning his predicament he was simply instilling fear in him (Waititu) because he knew he would never call the Head of State.

"I told him that orders are coming from above but that was not true, Nairobi we are very independent. Hakuna mtu amenikalia hapa Nairobi. Nilijua nikimwambia apigie mdosi ataogopa," he claimed.

Last week, Waititu’s wife was arraigned in court and charged with the construction of illegal structures in Nairobi without proper approval. She was later released on a Sh80,000 cash bail.


During the interview, Sonko added that if he was being corrupt then Waititu’s wife would not have been taken to court.

"So something we say during such operations is just a trick to show that this impunity has come to an end. It just shows that if a Governor’s wife can be arrested over corruption charges then nobody will be spared in this fight against corruption," he said.

The Nairobi Governor further stated that even his own wife will not be spared if she is linked to any corruption deals.


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