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Wetangula kicks out MP for wearing his new religion's dress code in Parliament

Speaker Moses Wetangula kicked out the MP for wearing an unapproved turban in the National Assembly

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula speaking in Parliament on June 6, 2023

National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula took action on Thursday, June 29 by expelling Gabriel Kagombe, the Member of Parliament for Gatundu South, from the House due to his wearing of an unrecognized religious headgear.

Speaker Wetangula noticed MP Kagombe wearing a turban and requested an explanation for this choice within the House. In response, the legislator stated that it was tied to his newly adopted religion.

According to Kagombe, he had recently embraced a new religion that required him to wear a turban during certain official functions, starting from the previous Parliamentary session.


In keeping with Article 2 of the Constitution, I’m exercising my right to religion... I have now, since the last time we were in this Parliament, found Jesus in a different way and now the religion that I profess dictates that I, at times, during official functions like this, be dressed like this,” Kagombe said.

Wetangula then asked whether the MP had joined a sect, but Kagombe defended that it was a genuine religion, prompting the speaker to demand an explanation.

It is called the Church of Love and Acceptance. This is a new church that has just been registered with the Registrar of Societies, and I now associate with it,” the legislator responded.

However, Wetangula remained unconvinced and ordered Kagombe to leave the House, change his attire, and return properly dressed.


The Chair takes judicial notice of the fact that the only sect I know that dresses the way you’re dressed is the Akorino.

"To the extent that you’re naming something totally different, I rule you out of order, and you’ll have to go and change your gear and come back,” ruled the Speaker.

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