Why Uhuru’s babysitter is extremely angry

He babysat President Kenyatta when he was born and is now an angry man.

The elderly man who only identified himself as Owaga stated that he was greatly irked by how the country was sharply divided along tribal lines.

He divulged that it was unsettling that the re-election of President Kenyatta only broadens the rift.

"I am a Kenyan by birth and I actually babysitted Uhuru in 1962 when he was born. I was the son of the driver of Tom Mboya and Uhuru and Mama Ngina and Jomo Kenyatta used to visit Tom Mboya. There was no tribalism at independence. Many Luos voted for Kenyatta and it was celebrated and that was not the case today.

"Even when you look at the streets in Nairobi nobody is celebrating only street urchins are the ones who are running around," he said.

Owaga mentioned that the root problem in Kenya was tribalism and corruption noting that Government officials were simply amassing wealth using underhanded methods instead of leading the country well.

He highlighted that some groups of people have been segregated hence not accessing some of the resources in the country.

"This problem is theft from public servants. This problem is non-accountability by Governments all of them that have been there. So poverty level in this country is beyond the average for the whole world

"It is only in Kenya where you have very few people who can boast of 10 helicopters I do not think this country has been led properly. You must have everybody on board," he remarked.

Kenyatta’s babysitter singled out Deputy President William Ruto and questioned how he acquired so much wealth yet he was simply a ‘beggar’.

"People like Ruto who are celebrating today. He was a beggar in the streets the other day but now he has 30 helicopters, we cannot allow that kind of a society," he said.

Owaga went on to advice Mr. Kenyatta that he should work tirelessly to bring the nation together and ensure everyone has access to resources.

He concluded by proposing the pope should rule Kenya so that the poor could also benefit.


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