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Uhuru surprises friends and foes with new changes

Significant changes in the wake of corruption and need to leave a solid legacy

The head of state has in recent days been unpredictable, something which has kept his allies on their toes as they do not know which card he will pull next.

Case in point was when he entered a deal with his erstwhile political rival Raila Odinga and when he unveiled his cabinet in his second term in office, catching many by Surprise

He has also been abrasive and tough especially in the fight against corruption and has gone to extreme lengths to protect public interests, vowing to nail all those involved in corruption regardless of who they are.


Reports indicate that Cabinet secretaries and senior government officials are sitting tense after the president ordered investigations into their conduct and dealings, not knowing who will be shown the door.

Gone is the president who at one point expressed helplessness in the fight against graft and who was.

In the midst of the changes, the president has however kept touch with the plight of the common man, occasionally touching the lives of ordinary citizens in kind gestures.

Analysts opine that these changes may have been driven by the desire to leave behind a solid legacy.

Some also opine that serving his last time, he has nothing to lose and as such is not afraid to take risks and decisions that may be unpopular among some of his key allies.


But one thing is clear: How he handles the rampant corruption in his administration will form a significant part of his legacy.


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