4 Historic things that have happened in Kenya since Uhuru-Raila handshake

Here they are

The two arch rivals came together to sign a peace deal with an alleged sole aim of uniting the country and like waving a magic wand over the nation, all the political tension came to a standstill. It was like nothing ever happened.

Pulselive.co.ke has compiled 6 unforgettable moments that will forever be embedded in Kenya’s history after the handshake at the doorsteps of Harambee House:

1. Raila visits Mzee Moi

Mr. Odinga visited retired President Daniel Moi after promising to work with President Kenyatta to unite Kenya.

The former Prime Minister’s move was a historic one as he was now shaking hands with a man under whose watch saw him subjected to torture in the 80s.

The Opposition leader was among the leaders who pushed to end of the Moi era in 2012. After Moi's retirement, Mr Odinga was rarely if not never seen around Mr. Moi in public.

2. Orengo inside State House

In more than 5 years, Siaya Senator James Orengo, who is a die hard supporter of Mr. Odinga and a fierce critic of Mr. Kenyatta and his Deputy President William Ruto, never stepped foot at State House.

But on May 4, 2018, Mr. Orengo, who is now the Senate Minority leader after the controversial removal of Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula, was at State House witnessing President Kenyatta assenting to three Bills.

Orengo is on record emphasizing that he does not recognize Mr. Kenyatta as the Head of State and even organized the swearing-in of Mr. Odinga as the People’s President.

During the funeral service of multi-party crusader Kenneth Matiba, Mr. Orengo publicly referred Mr. Kenyatta as the President when he was called to the podium to deliver a speech.

3. State of the Nation Address

After two years, President Kenyatta finally delivered his State of the Nation address to an August House that was calmer and seemingly united.

Unlike the past two years in which the Opposition leaders were protesting against him and his Jubilee Government, this time around after the handshake the leaders were on the same page.

In 2017, the Opposition leaders deliberately snubbed the event noting that Mr. Kenyatta had no achievements to talk about.

While in 2016, the leaders disrupted the Head of State by blowing whistles, chanting and creating a chaotic scene.

Last week’s address saw the President ask for forgiveness, a move that prompted ODM leaders who had badly embarrassed him in 2016 also issue an apology.

4. Joho supports Uhuru deal with Raila

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and President Kenyatta rarely see eye-to-eye. In the previous years, whenever the President visited the county, drama between the two has always been reported.

Mr. Joho is on record complaining that the National Government has been inhibiting his development plans in the region by delaying funds.

However, after the handshake the Governor said that he supported the deal between Mr. Odinga and President Kenyatta.

Mr Kenyatta’s call for reconciliation also saw Nyali MP Mohammed Ali divulge that he was ready to work with Joho.

Ali, a former KTN investigative journalist, has been in sharp disagreement with Joho and on several accused him of plotting to rig him out of the 2017 General Election.


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