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NASA insider reveals 5 secret deals Raila has made without informing close allies

New revelations

Barack Muluka, who is the Secretary General of the Amani National Congress (ANC), responded after Odinga met President Uhuru Kenyatta without informing his partners in the NASA coalition.

According to Muluka, the NASA coalition leader had a long history of ambushing his political allies, a habit that he stated raised doubts on Odinga’s credibility.

Raila Odinga swearing in


The ANC Secretary General reflected back to the January 30 swearing in, which he claimed was done in a manner meant to ridicule Odinga’s partners.

“He had asked them to switch off their regular phones and wait for his message on alternative numbers. Was he setting them up for ridicule? Were they supposed to be seen as having gone into hiding? Whatever the case, Odinga veritably sneaked into Uhuru Park and swore himself in,” Muluka stated.

He added that prior to the swearing in, Odinga had also unilaterally withdrawn from the October 26 election, before concluding talks with the NASA co-principals.

Simeon Nyachae Incident

In his fiery opinion piece published by the Standard, Muluka also reflected by the claims of betrayal made by Simeon Nyachae against the NASA coalition leader.


In his autobiography, Nyachae stated that prior to the 2002 election, he and Odinga had agreed to work together in a join presidential race.

Nyachae narrates that minutes after signing the MoU with the current ODM leader, they proceeded to a rally at Uhuru Park where Odinga shockingly made the famous “Kibaki Tosha” declaration.

Muluka noted that fifth incident of betrayal was in 1997.

“In 1997 he contested for the position of President. Having come fourth behind President Moi, Mwai Kibaki and Michael Wamalwa, he signed a deal with the other three to work together to tame Kanu. Yet a few months later, it emerged that he had entered another agreement with President Moi, ‘to work together’,” the NASA official stated.


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