Uhuru put on the spot over his Father's wealth during BBC interview

We can even go back to my grandfather and my great-grandfather

Mr. Kenyatta, who has shown renewed efforts to eradicate the vice, was put on the spot to explain whether the wealth acquired by his father and Kenya’s first President Jomo Kenyatta will also be subjected to the process.

The multi-billion wealth of the Kenyatta family has always been marred with controversy as the TJRC report indicated that the late President might have used his position to acquire lucrative land in the country.

Speaking during an interview on BBC, President Kenyatta defended his family noting that he was ready to have the property scrutinized. He added that he is confident that all the wealth acquired by his father was done so legally.

“We can even go back to my grandfather and my great-grandfather. I have always said that what we own and what we have is open to the public.

"If there is an instance where somebody can say that what we have done or obtained has not been legitimate, say so as we are ready to face any court,” he said.

Mr. Kenyatta added that the Executive was working with the Legislature to ensure that a legal framework for the lifestyle audit process is established.

The president's call to have lifestyle audit conducted on all public servants has been highly condemned by a section of political leaders, who have insisted that there is no legal framework to support it.

However, during the BBC interview Kenyatta insisted that the Executive must undergo the process.

"At least for the Executive, we are saying that we will insist if you want to continue serving you must make your wealth public,” he said.

Mr. Kenyatta reiterated that his own family members will not be favored in case they are found implicated in corruption.

"This is something I am committed to and something I am determined to leave as my legacy in this country," he said.


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