Vioja Mahakamani Judge Stabbed to Death

Reports have emerged on how popular Vioja Mahakamani judge was stabbed to death

Vioja Mahakamani set

According to reports, Rashid was stabbed to death by a woman who he was in an apparent affair with on Wednesday morning.

Sour Affair

According to reports Nasoor was having a party at a hotel when a quarrel ensued between him and the woman who then picked a kitchen knife and stabbed him.

He was rushed to Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Various sources claimed that Rashid had been a neighbour with the woman whom they allege was divorced.

Our sources claimed that Jamal was divorced before he met the woman who they claimed was always jealous as the actor had complained to some of his friends.

Presiding over a previous case Justice Korir suggested that “it’s time relevant institutions of government, non-state actors, community and religious organisations, among others, took up the challenge and urgently devised interventions aimed at stemming the unlawful loss of life in families through domestic violence.

This was after reports of spouses/lovers killing their significant other escalated.

Murder Most Foul

Criminal division judge Roselyn Korir pointed out, that there are not just random acts of crime, but proof that “domestic violence continues to be a problem in Kenya today, as evidenced by increasing number of reported cases and murder cases pending in our courts”.

Criminal lawyer John Swaka was quoted stating that the most common ways of eliminating spouses have been in the heat of the moment, where a knife or a blunt object that is readily available in the house is used to either kill instantly or cause serious harm leading to death after a short while.


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