President's,CSs & MPs salaries could be increased before 2022

Higher salaries coming up

President's,CSs & MPs salaries could be increased before 2022

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) has started reviewing pay for State officers which will see an upward review.

Reports indicate that the President, Cabinet secretaries, judges and Members of Parliament from July next year could be earning more to contain inflation and compensate for the 2017 salary cuts.

The commission will also carry out a salary survey to collect data which will inform the salary structures for the 2021/22-2024/25 remuneration review cycle,” SRC chairperson Lyn Mengich said.

Salaries of principal secretaries, the Attorney-General, the Chief of the Defence Forces, military service commanders, heads of the police as well as chairpersons and members of constitutional commissions.

Court fights

The SRC is mandated to review the State officers’ pay every four years and the new pay will last till 2025.

After the August 2017 elections, SRC reviewed public officers salaries triggering lawsuits after the commission cut salaries and allowances with the aim of saving Ksh8.5 billion.

The cuts by SRC were part of spending reforms since Kenya spends half of all revenues public servants’ salaries.

In 2017, MPs viciously blocked the pay cuts arguing that they need high wages because constituents expect them to provide charitable support.


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