Women are the Greatest Gift to humanity


Don't blame women for rape (Oxford Human Rights Hub)

Love is a beautiful thing. It is out of an act of love that most of us came into existence.

By the virtue of being humans, it is expected of each and everyone of us to love and show respect to each other. However, this does not seem to be the case nowadays.

As a young man raised by strong women - my mum and grandmother - and in the company of three sisters, I have grown to have great love and respect for each and everyone of the opposite gender.

To me, women are the greatest gift to humanity and they should be adored, treasured, loved and even immortalized for the role they play.

Our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers do come second after God (as givers of life) and therefore, it should be every man’s personal mandate to protect all of them and shower them with love.

It is sad that there seems to have risen a crop of men who will stop at nothing to, not only cause physical harm, but also subject our young daughters, ladies and women to sexual violence.

How does one sleep at night knowing they have taken a young girls innocence and crumpled her future for ever?

Tell me, how does one act as if all is normal after abusing a lady and taking her life in the process?

The latest media reports of rape go to show the extent of rot in our society.

To make matters worse, most sexual violence cases go unreported and even when reported, most perpetrators end up unpunished.

It would seem that there is a breed of men, who derive pleasure from inflicting damage to our women.

Just because you bought a lady a drink or paid their bill, it does not in anyway give you any right over her body or her life.

The bitter pill, is that most of these men who feel entitled over a woman, after spending money on them, are the same ones who rarely send their mothers money even in their times of great need.

I am ready to be called out, but every woman deserves to be respected and loved the same way men do expect.

We as young men and also the old ones need to be on the front line in ensuring this is achieved.

We need to stand up and clear off the weaklings who hide inside trousers as men but will not hesitate to take advantage of a woman for their own pleasures.

There should never be a justification to rape or inflict any assault on any woman regardless of the situation.

Women are a gift to humanity and there should not be any justification to any form of abuse or injustice meted on them.

It is time to bring back the description of a man as a brave, loving, caring and protector of the society and not the type to take advantage of women as we currently witnessing.

Respect to our women is the language we all should be talking going forward.

The foregoing is an Opinion Article submitted by Mr Anthony Mamai to Pulse Live Kenya for publication. The Editor's desk welcomes opinion pieces from our fans as part of our Contributors Initiative. At Pulse, we believe that every voice deserves to be heard.

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If you or a person you know has been the victim of sexual or gender-based violence we encourage that you report the matter at your nearest police station. For further assistance in seeking legal redress contact any of the below organizations:-

  1. Gender Violence Recover Centre, Nairobi Women’s Hospital
  2. Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)
  3. The CRADLE – The Children Foundation
  4. African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN)
  5. Advantage Africa
  6. Coalition on Violence Against Women (COVAW)


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