ODM party leader Raila Odinga has given his view on the Sh2 million car grant promised to Members of County Assembly (MCAs) on condition that they pass the BBI Bill.

The grant was promised by President Uhuru Kenyatta during his meetings at the Sagana State Lodge.

Former Prime Minister Odinga declared support for the idea saying that it had been long overdue.

"If MPs receive Sh7 million car grant why will it be a crime and you are the people who are in contact with the people?" he posed.

MCAs from Odinga's party have also made demands as to how they wish to receive the grant, if approved.

The MCAs demanded that a circular should be issued to counties to allow them access the funds immediately and before they pass the BBI bill.

Drums of war are being sounded

The former MP added that Kenyans needed to decide whether we'd be gong to war every five years or have peaceful transitions.

"Already drums of war are being sounded and it is easy to tell how it will end. Elections must cease being civil wars. BBI seeks to usher in an electoral system where every vote is counted and every vote counts.

“This country comes to a standstill and loses billions…jobs and lives every election year due to violence,” he stated.