Orengo told me that, revolutions eats its own children... it has devoured me, now it will come for you - Murkomen

The James Orengo prophesy

Senator Kipchumba Murkomen

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has reminisced the iconic quote by his Siaya counterpart James Orengo on governments eating its own children.

On Monday, Senator Murkomen reminded the Senior Counsel of his prophecy and told him that they will come for him.

"Orengo you told us in this house that the revolution eats its own children. and yes, it has devoured and thrown me to the backbench but it will come for you next now that you are in a position of power," Murkomen said.

Murkomen was speaking on the intimidation of senators by state machinery as they prepare to vote on the divisive revenue allocation formula.

Senator Orengo responded to Murkomen admitting that when he said the 'prophetic' words he did not exclude himself.

"When I said revolutions eat their own children, I did not exclude myself. I know the day will come and I know what to do," Orengo said.

On January 5, 2017,Senator Orengo made the iconic quote during a debate on Election Laws (Amendment) Act 2016.

Sometimes revolutions eat their own children… governments eat their own people. This government is going to punish you more than they will punish me, I am telling you. In another one year you’ll be crying in my office to come and represent you," Orengo said.

Senators have called out law enforcement officers for hunting down senators.

Arrested Senators

"Over 20 police officers have surrounded Senator Langat's house. Four DCI vehicles are outside Senator Malala's house. Senator Lelegwe was arrested on his way to the Senate," Murkomen said.

Senator Christopher Langat has been arrested and is currently at the police station.

He had earlier explained that he was asked to quarantine or face arrest although officers from the DCI had camped outside his Nairobi residence from 3 am, Monday.

"I had been told that I should go and be quarantined so that I don't appear in parliament on Monday. when I refused, they told me I would be arrested," - Senator Langat said.


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