Caroline Mutoko orders Uhuru to arrest these people [video]

Jail the people who did the work.

Ms. Mutoko blasted the President over a publication on the SGR which she opined was a shoddy job.

The former Kiss 100 presenter demanded the President to find the people who did the work and arrest them.

She highlighted that the pictures taken to present to the world the grand SGR project were not captivating adding that most of them were grainy.

“This video is for the President. Sir No, I need you to find the person who has done this and jail them,”

“It is horrible. Can you imagine this went through approval?” Mutoko posed while going through the magazine.

She advised the Head of State to make sure that the trains have a significant name other than SGR before the inaugural ceremony to be held on May 31 and graced by senior Chinese government officials.

“So let me tell you what is not okay. Your Excellency do not let them launch this product as SGR. It must have a name and a name that we will talk about, that will be in the news that will be something.

“If they have not yet come up with a name, jail them!” she insisted.

Mutoko urged Mr Kenyatta to be strategic on the people he will invite for the first ride from Mombasa to Nairobi on the multi-billion train.

According to the media personality, it will be a waste for the Head of State to pack the trains with high Government officials.

She asked President Kenyatta to open the doors to the young generation who would easily market the project to the whole world through social media.

Mutoko noted that the millennials would flood social media with pictures of the first ride making it easy for the government to publicize the grand project.

Here is the video:


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