Some counties have bribed Senators to reject one man one shilling formula - Senator Kangata

Money has been poured

Senator Irungu Kang’ata

Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata has sensationally claimed that some counties have raised millions of shillings and bribed Senators to reject the controversial one man one shilling formula to be used in determining Counties Revenue Allocation.

Kangata said the so-called marginalized counties in North Eastern region manipulated the 2009 census figures which was later used to determine the initial revenue sharing formula for counties.

"When the Kibaki government realized the 2009 census were manipulated in some of the North Eastern counties, they attempted to nullify them but these people used thugs to prevent a repeat. They also went to court rejecting the use of projections but they rushed to court and by the time the government won an appeal in 2016, the formula had already been crafted," the Senator said.

He claimed that the counties were now fearing that they would lose out huge amounts of money once the 2019 census figures are used to determine the new formula that will be used for the next five years.

"Now they have been going round giving Senators money and causing a lot of divisions because they do not want the one man one shilling formula. This is because they have been getting very huge allocations which translates to per capita allocation of about Sh25,000 while as people in Nairobi and parts of Mt Kenya get per capita allocation of as low as Sh3,000 - that is not justice," Kang'ata said.

The Senate Chief Whip, however, expressed confidence that the Senate would pass a fair formula that would resolve the alleged injustices of the past eight years.

"We are waiting for the committee formula and if they don't come up with an agreeable formula, we have the numbers to pass the one man one shilling formula," he concluded.


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