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2 presidential campaigns were funded by suspected drug lord Ali Punjani - investigators reveal

Campaigns may have been funded by drug money

Suspected drug lord Ali Punjani funded 2 presidential campaigns, 10 governors, dozens of MPs and a number of MCAs

Investigators have uncovered inner details of how Mombasa tycoon Ali Punjani may have used proceeds of suspected drug trafficking.

Punjani, who is under investigation on drug trafficking charges, funded two presidential campaigns, 10 gubernatorial campaigns, dozens of MP campaigns and a number of MCAs.

Investigators discovered the dealings in documents that were found in one of his palatial in Nyali.


The investigators also conveyed that the suspect seems to have covered his tracks well and is monitoring the investigations remotely.

"The man is well connected. It took us a short while after we entered his house to realize he could be 100 years ahead in terms of planning; he has thousands of sketches of his plans.

"When I tell you this man is miles ahead I mean it. He was monitoring the entire search from wherever he is. He remotely controls the cameras," one of the investigators told reporters.

Well orchestrated trafficking

In 2013, Punjani was among eight entities that donated 19 police vehicles fitted with Sh500,000 worth of surveillance equipment.


The then County Commissioner Nelson Marwa, who has since been appointed as Labour PS, accused the county government of abetting drug passage through the 19 vehicles.

The eight entities under the umbrella of the Mombasa Business Community were named as Ali Punjani, Mukwano, Grain Bulk, My Space Properties, Rising Star Commodities, Toyopet, Sangani Transporters and the Hassan Joho Foundation.

Despite being under investigation, DCI detectives have not succeeded in arresting the tycoon. He is said to be receiving treatment in India.


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