Tension after man was gang-raped by gay criminals shortly after leaving bar

Shocking incident

Tension Kithaku town, Meru county, after man was gang-raped by gay criminals shortly after leaving bar

Tension has gripped the small town of Kithaku in Meru county after a man was violently gang-raped by suspected gay criminals who have been terrorizing residents in the area.

The man, a tea picker working at a nearby farm, had left the bar on Sunday night when the gang pounced on him.

The brutal rape saw the man castrated in the commotion and prompted doctors to carry out extensive surgery in his groin area to save the damage made.

“We have been having cases of insecurity in the last few months lost over 10 cows sheep, over 100 sheep and many kitchen.

We are now very alarmed because the young criminals have now metamorphosed and started raping and sodomizing old men. The recent case was that of a tea picker who was having a drink here and was accosted by the suspected criminals,” Cliff Kikunda.

The victim was discovered with a bottle stuffed in his back side, much to the anger of the residents.

Locals called on the government to take swift action failure to which they would take the law unto their hands and confront the barbaric gang.

The town borders Mt Kenya forest which has served as a strategic hiding area for the criminals who hide their loot in the forest before transporting them to other towns.

The government should immediately bring security officers in the area and possibly build a police station. Things are very bad here,” another resident complained.


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