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Mary Wambui murder: Trail of text messages reveal worrying details in Wambui’s marriage

All was not well

Joseph Kori (L) with Judy Wangui who are accused of killing Kori's wife Mary Wambui (Twitter)

A trail of text messages has unearthed new details on the lives of Mary Wambui and her husband Joseph Kori who is presently in police custody for allegedly conniving with another woman he was in relationship with to end the life of the mother of two.

According to the texts obtained by KTN’s crime and investigative unit, the harsh text messages exchanged between the two point to a marriage on the rocks with Wambui and Kori accusing each other of cheating.

In one of the text messages, Kori asserts that he is done with the relationship and he is moving on to which Wambui responds that that cannot be the case unless one of them is dead.

The text messages point to claims and counter accusations of other men and women finding their way into the relationship, bringing trouble into the five year old union.


In one of the messages from Wambui, she pleads with her husband to have a sit down to sort out their problems (and save the relationship). In the message, she states that she is ready to speak the truth and delete her Facebook account and photos.

The series of messages pleading with her husband elicit no response from Kori the man at the center of the murder scandal who it appears was keen on his word that he was done with the relationship and was moving on swiftly.

The messages bring the tally of women in Kori’s wife to 4, with one Florence Wangari emerging and hurling insults at Wambui to which no explanation was offered by Kori.

Florence Wangari reportedly own s a joint business with Kori and the firm had won a tender to supply timber to a parastatal mandated of provision of electricity.


In yet another message, Wambui pleads with her husband to send her money to buy milk and diapers for their daughter to which she receives neither a response nor the cash.

As things moved from bad to worse, Wambui opts to end the relationship and requests for a sit down to discuss how they would raise the children.

Wambui alleges that as soon as she got pregnant for Kori, he began treating her differently.

While to the public, Mary Wambui and Joseph Kori were happily married, the messages point to a union that was cracking with a trail of women emerging.


Trail of women

Kori reportedly met Juddy Wangui in Nakuru in 2006 when he operated a timber treatment plant where she served as a secretary.

Love would blossom between the two, putting Kori’s marriage on the line and completely transform the life of Wangui who relocated to Nairobi with an apartment in the Fourways junction.

Also in the trail of Kori’s women is Grace Wanjiku who claims that she is Kori’s first wife and who has come out to defend him.Together they had a daughter before Kori dumped her and moved in with Wambui.

Florence Wangari who reportedly operates a business with Kori is the latest addition to his trail of women and who had the courage to insult Kori’s wife.


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