Twitter was giving me sleepless nights - Uhuru explains why he deactivated his account

Nikaona heri tu nipige story na mama na nilale vizuri - Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday gave an explanation as to why he is not keen to get back on social media.

The President narrated his experience with the Twitter social media platform back when he had the largest following in Africa for a political figure.

He stated that the app would keep him up late into the night as he went through comments left on his posts.

President Kenyatta narrated that sometimes the comments were so disrespectful that he would call his team in the night seeking recourse.

"Mimi si mtu wa Twitter na hizo zingine, niliondoka. Niliona hapo hakuna kitu kingine ni matusi tu! Unakaa hapo ukisoma... hulali, ukiangalia huyu anasema nini, na huyu mwingine... Alafu unapiga simu, 'Unaona vile huyu mtu amenitusi?'

(I am no longer on Twitter or any of those other platforms. I left because I realized people are only there to insult me. I'd be on Twitter late into the night looking through comments seeking to engage with people but I'd only find insults. Sometimes I'd make calls asking my team if they had seen those comments.)

"Afadhali nilale bwana...nipige story kidogo hapo na mama, nilale, niamke niende kazi na dunia iendelee (So I resolved to avoid those sleepless nights, i'd much rather enjoy an evening with my wife, go to bed happy, sleep well and wake up to do my work the next day)," President Kenyatta said.

Uhuru prefers in-person engagements

He added that neither does he pay attention to what is published in newspapers.

The President noted that he had opted to have in-person engagements in people to collect the information he needs to make decisions.

He stated that he has been having face-to-face meetings with interest groups to hear their views on certain matters including the BBI document.


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