Uganda to return Kenyan truck driver who tested positive for coronavirus

Museveni's govt has placed strict measures against Covid19

Uganda to return Kenyan truck driver who tested positive coronavirus

Two truck drivers who recently traveled from Kenya have tested positive for Covid19 after being tested by Ugandan authorities who have been manning the country's borders.

The drivers, one Ugandan and a Kenyan, left Kenya on April 12 via the Malaba border after which he was subjected to a mandatory test required for all foreigners entering Uganda.

Ugandan authorities said they were making plans to return the 27 year old to Kenya to be close to his family.

A male Kenyan truck driver, aged 27 was found positive among the 372 truck drivers tested yesterday. His sample was also collected at Malaba point of entry. Arrangements are being made to return him to Kenya for treatment close to his family,” Uganda's Ministry of Health announced.

The Ugandan authorities have placed strict testing guidelines on their borders to prevent spread of the corona virus that has so far seen 55 recorded cases in the country.

The two confirmed cases emerged after 372 truck drivers were subjected to the mandatory Covid19 tests at the border points of entry. The drivers had contact with 253 locals who were also tested for the deadly virus.

Truck drivers, by the nature of their work, have multiple contacts given the length of their journeys and it is expected that the two countries will liaise to establish the contacts the drivers made while in transit in Kenya.

The 38-year-old, Ugandan male, truck driver of Tororo District who arrived from Kenya on Monday. He was tested at Malaba border point of entry. He did not have signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19,” the Uganda authorities announced in a press statement.

Interestingly, Kenya has been treating foreigners in the country with a number of cases confirmed from travelers from the neighboring countries of Tanzania, Cameroon, DRC Congo, among others.


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