Babu Owino's early morning tweet on Uhuru sparks heated debate

Uhuru Kenyatta is the next Prime Minister of Kenya - Babu Owino

Babu Owino  with President Uhuru Kenyatta

Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino set social media ablaze on Thursday morning after he declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta will be the next Prime Minister of the Republic on Kenya.

In his early morning tweet, Owino argued that the Head of State is too young to retire from Politics at a time this country still needs him.

“President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the next Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya. My President is still Young and we need him in the next Government,” tweeted Babu Owino.

The statement prompted hundreds of Kenyans to join the conversation with varying opinions.

A section argued that they are tired of Kenyatta’s leadership and he should just finish his second term and go home, while others pointed out that there is no way the nature of Kenyan politics will allow him (Uhuru) to retire.

Kenya will see the return of the position of Prime Minister if the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Task-force proposals are to be implemented in full.

Reactions from Kenyans;

Samuel Ogechi “Young man even if you are held by the balls stop this nonsense of cheering despotism, you don't inspire the youth by advocating for the recycling of incompetent leaders”

E-sir Octavio Hussein “Yes Uhuru will be the prime minister but Raila Odinga

will never be the president . We are gerring, you are gerring and everyone is gerring!”

Ally Guyo “We still have others who are younger than him capable of the same position.....let him retire..."

Juma Enogaleans “That is why In Africa we will never move forward, those we have hope as young leaders when they reach there they start dinning with those who have Oppressed us for 50 years"

Christopher Ngigi “So that Bab can become president, Forget both Uhuru and Bab will go home. No more space for dynasties”

Cave GetoRetain him where, that's y you guys are fighting so that the BBI should go through, ndio watu wabaki kwa ofisi, young youths out here are jobless, and u telling us he is being retained in the government what for?? We don't need people like him governing us,”

Murey YegoPM With Executive Powers,Baba is to old to run the Government,he will only preside over national holidays”

Li Long AlexandrineYou can’t be serious Babu, I’m always here supporting you but Kenya has never been in a worse era than the era of your prime minister to be. I would rather now drum For Ruto .”

James K'Otula “They say birds of the same feather flock together. The two of you don't deserve any leadership position beyond 2022”

George Mbua “We still have other young men outside,younger than him.he is not the last born of republic of Kenya either”

Scolah Jerono “Very very young Oooh, my president is too young to retire , he will be the next Prime Minister,at least he will have to finish what he started, I can't wait to be a China Citizen”

SirAyub Godfrey “So should we retain him just because he is young? Who said there are no other people who can do the work he does better than him. So compromised”

Evans ArwigaI still recall your swearing in the national assembly like yesterday, politicians why why why always blackmail us after being loyal to some of your political parties and leaders in favor.....tumechoka sisi”

Caleb Koton “And this is the youthful leader we expect to change this country”

Jeremiah Ongera “I didnt expect a young brain like you to think like Atwoli. So sad”

Kevin Njuguna “Everything is predetermined so let us save funds for the next election and build more maternity wings because of the many teenage pregnancies”

Mbugua WA Bitty “Hypocrisy at it best Uhuru and Raila must retire and respect the constitution of Kenya by force by fire”


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