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Shocking confessions by 5 beautiful women who are outright prostitutes

Online prostitution has been fueled by proud hookers who have a knack for sharing their experiences on social networking platforms.


The most shocking confessions that you will probably ever come across will most likely be shared on social networking platforms; here people aren’t afraid of stigmatization.

Closed Facebook groups have become a hotbed of the most distasteful sex confessions you could ever find anywhere.

The things people do out here for money are enough to convince you money is actually more evil than the devil himself.

Ghafla! stumbled upon some of the nastiest sex confession posted on various Facebook groups by people who are daring to openly share their experiences.


We have sampled confessions by five women who are involved in the oldest profession in one way or another.

1. Lizz Liz

A pretty lady who goes by the name Lizzy Liz on Facebook posted her confession on ‘Kilimani Mum’s Udaku Zone’ revealing that she would do ANYTHING for money.

Liz who claims to stay in Germany, revealed she was a prostitute who could give both her ‘back’ and ‘front’ as long as her clients buy her expensive shoes, clothes and take her out for drinks and dinner.

“Nani Malaya mnoma kama mimi Germany. Bora tu uninunulie expensive shoes na nguo drinks n dinner k*ma utapata mbele na nyuma.” Lizz Liz posted.


2. Maggy Mnyc

Maggy took to Facebook group to ask members to pray for her as she was going to have anal sex. She disclosed that her sponsor had agreed to buy her a house in Mirema in exchange for drilling her in her backside.

“Aki mums mnikumbuke kwa maombi… napanga kufunguliwa boot this weekend…. Sponsor amekubali kubuy nyumba hapa Mirema zimaa Plus 15M in return…” Maggy Mnyc posted

3. Nicole Faith Conceptor

Conceptor revealed that she lost her virginity in December 4 2015. And just one year after being deflowered, Conceptor has slept with 50 men.


She posted her confession on Facebook on December 4 2016 at 11:32pm as she said that she was just sleeping with her 50 man.

“A day like this, tym like this I was in a lodging samwam breaking my virginity. That was on 2015. Til now I have swallowed 50 d**ks. Ya fifte ndo nmekula tu sai. Happy anversary my nunu. How may r we celebrating this.”  Nicole Faith Conceptor posted.

4. Mamake Tatu

Mamake Tatu is a madame, she links women with men who drill them, popularly as Ben 10.

“Who needs Ben 10 25yrs? Hit My Inbox”  Mamake Tatuposted.


Silvia Lah

Lah is a beneficiary of a Ben 10; she revealed she had one-night stand with a Ben 10 she was given by a certain woman.

She says has been forced to travel to Nairobi to look for another Ben 10 because the woman who gave her Ben 10 wasn’t picking her calls anymore.

“Hey wamama nisaidieni, mama moja alinipea Ben 10 wake, na nika mrudisha just after one night stand bila feelings, na sasa huyo mama ananinyamazia she does not pick my calls or answer my inbox queries. Na vile nidhani nimopen minded. Haki Narudi Nai nikijitafutia wangu.” Silvia Lah posted.


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