Exit Muthama, Enter Omar; why Hassan Omar is Celebrating the Kalonzo Musyoka and Johnstone Muthama fall out.

The Swahili folks back in Coasto have a saying “Vita vya panzi furaha ya Kunguru” what the ‘Wahenga  na Wakaguzi’ proverb simply means in a nutshell, is that when your enemies are fighting each other leave them , because you stand to gain a lot without breaking a sweat.


That is the exact situation which has presented itself to Mombasa senator, Hassan Omar, after the public spat and fall out between Wiper leader, Kalonzo Musyoka and Machakos senator, Johnstone Muthama. Omar hailing from Mombasa fully understands this Swahili  proverb.

Over the weekend at Sultan Hamud, Cord principal Kalonzo Musyoka publicly gave the Machakos senator a dress down claiming the senator was creating division within the party, as well as working in cohorts with Siaya senator, James Orengo to undermine his chances of becoming the Cord presidential candidate.

“I am fully aware of what you have doing behind my back with Orengo to predetermine the outcome of Cord presidential primaries and deny me the ticket” Kalonzo exploded as reported by daily nation.

In a rare spectacle a visibly angry Kalonzo warned Muthama of dire consequences.

“The punishment you’ll get from these people will be worse than the humiliation you got when your trousers were torn in Parliament” the saved former vice president waging a finger at Muthama warned.

Hassan Omar stands to benefit a lot from the eminent exit of the abrasive and vocal Machakos senator, because the time is nigh! And in politics when opportunity strikes you seize it and seize it hard.

Omar has in the recent times came out of his shell and flexing his political muscles ready to face off with Mombasa governor Hassan Joho in the gubernatorial race.

Omar has also steady move up the wiper hierarchy and is currently the secretary general of the wiper party, his close relationship with Kalonzo is also visible in the public domain.

Wiper party is also currently engaged in a ‘nationwide party popularity’ campaign and the first stop in their strategy book is consolidating their fan base in Mombasa County where a sizeable number of Kamba people work and reside.

Muthama coming from Kamba land therefore had no national appeal and his space in wiper can quickly be filled up by Omar.

By proofing his political weight within wiper, Omar stands to also win the Kamba community at the coast increasing his chances of becoming the next governor of Mombasa.

After the fallout wiper party led by Mr. Omar denied any fallout within the party of course that is the political script they have to abide with but secretly in his heart, Omar is celebrating and counting his lucky stars.

Another great opportunity, Omar is able to exploit is that Wiper affiliated MPs from Ukambani for a long time have been baying for Muthama’s blood accusing him of bullying and intimidating them, therefore can easily support and work with him.

“We told Kalonzo a long time agoto be wary of Muthama, but we were labelled rebels. Now the chickens have come home to roost” Mbooni MP Kisoi Munyao told media max.


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