Important Message Raila's Team Sent Today Morning

This is not over anytime soon

This comes at a time tension has gripped the country with some areas perceived to be NASA strongholds marred with violence.

The next course of action by the Opposition has remained unclear as the tallying of the results continue at the National Tallying Centre located at the Bomas of Kenya.

However, from the messages shared by ODM party, it seems that the current political strenuous environment will not be disappearing anytime soon.

In a thread consisting of ten tweets, Odinga's party maintained that the struggle was still in its early stages.

The former Prime Minister's team insisted that the fight for a credible election will not be postponed and must be solved now and forever.

"Independence struggle started in the early 50s, way before any EAC member, and ended after every EAC member. We go Marathon. Tulia!

"Because we Kenyans go Marathon for rights and freedoms; we're just in the early stages of instituting credible elections here - for good," some of the tweets read.

The Opposition noted that Kenyans should not settle for politicians who were comfortable with injustices and those who simply want to quickly fix problems.

"Like our forefathers, we understand there are those who want quick fixes, supported by their own comfort and looking only inward. We learnt from Mau Mau, and the long and hard talks at Lancaster I and II, that we leave nothing for a future time. We solve everything.

"If another generation grapples with another difficult national question, let it not be the evil of election rigging. This we are burying," ODM noted.

The Opposition went ahead to assure Kenyans that the fight for credible elections will be won.

"This is our finest hour. A democracy tested. We shall win!" ODM tweeted.

Here are the tweets.

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