IEBC makes final decision on Safaricom

IEBC makes final verdict on Safaricom ahead of repeat elections which are only 12 days away.

The commission has announced it will stick to its partnership with Safaricom in the poll result transmission process during the repeat presidential poll scheduled for October 26.

The electoral agency said it cannot deliver without the mobile service provider that has vast coverage across the country.

Last month, NASA leader Raila Odinga called for the boycott of companies and products including mobile communications service provider Safaricom, saying the company was part of those who "sabotaged" his win during the August 8 polls.

Odinga has accused Safaricom of working in collaboration with IEBC, Al Ghurair, OT Morpho and Safran in a conspiracy against him to deny him victory in the polls.

He said Safaricom along with the other companies cannot be trusted to deliver the repeat elections.

The Nasa leader claimed the mobile phone firm deliberately sabotaged the process of results transmission by routing figures from the polling stations to OT-Morpho servers, creating a window for the manipulation of the numbers.

Mr Odinga said an analysis of the transmission pattern showed that while results were sent from the polling stations through the Safaricom network to the servers in France, they failed to reach the IEBC portal.

However, Safaricom said it was ready to be investigated by the authorities over the allegations made by Odinga.

The company's CEO Bob Collymore dismissed the accusations as “reckless, callous and unnecessary” and warned that the allegations could endanger the lives of its members of staff and families.


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