This is the true story behind Castro's disappearance

Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan misses Castro as he tells the full story behind the Ghanaian musician's disappearance.


Castro was on tour at the holiday destination with long-time friend and captain of the Black Stars of Ghana, Asamoah Gyan.

Gyan who recorded a hit song with Castro still admits he gets sad when he hears songs by his missing friend, three years down the lane.

In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on the Delay Show, the Black Stars captain who admittedly confirmed the fact

Asamoah Gyan talks about how the trip that led to Castro’s disappearance was the first time he and his group had visited Aqua Safari for the fun moments.

“We went on a holiday trip. That was the first time we visited Aqua Safari. Every year we go to Akosombo. But that particular year, we were informed they had problems,” Gyan explains.

The all-time for Ghana then arranged for a trip to Aqua Safari despite them having to probably divide themselves due to the large group and ladies to make the party awesome.

“We went anyway and everything was fine. We were supposed to spend three days so on the second day which was a Saturday, I took out the Jet Ski with my boys in the morning because I had been to places where I used it.

"However, that was the first time they were using the Jet Ski so the guards sat behind us. Castro did not go with us on the first day out with the Jet Ski. He was tired from the previous night so could not wake early in the morning."

Asamoah Gyan who narrates how comfortable he was on the Jet Ski because of his experience tells how he instinctively avoided the estuary during the ride despite the guard behind him urging him on.

“I have a gift where I fell certain things. I stopped speeding and moved steadily. The guard asked me to move on but I told him I’ll die if I go on. I told him if I go forward again, I’ll die.”

Baby Jet whose day was messed due to the panic then turned and asked his people to turn around and go back and park the Jet Skis.

Castro who was then awake asked where they had been and wanted to join in the fun but it was over for Gyan and the boys.

In the afternoon, Gyan and his entourage were asked to move to a nearby hotel as the place was booked. The other hotel is just a three-minute boat ride from Aqua Safari.

During a live band performance on that Saturday night, Gyan recalls Castro was different.

“He was strange. He normally sings gospel songs during live band performances but I’ve never seen him kneel and raise his hands up like he did at the time,” Asamoah Gyan says.

The plan for the group on their holiday trip the next day was to go back to Aqua Safari for a volley ball game. Before the volley ball game, however, the team planned to have fun on the Jet Ski once more but not without Gyan warning them not to go back to where he had the scare. Castro, however, was not around when Gyan warned.

Castro who was running a little late joined the team on the boat to go get the Jet Skis.

“We came back to meet our female friends on the trip at the summer hut. My brother and the other guys who were afraid to join us were also there."

Janet Bandu, the lady who got missing with Castro tried to sit behind the Ghanaian musician as we had fun on the Jet Ski but Baffour Gyan, the Black Stars captain’s brother warned everyone not to get on a Jet Ski without a life vest or supervisor.

The volley ball game time was up and the team decided to move to Aqua Safari but as they all parked their Jet Skis, Castro just sped off opposite of the place where Asamoah Gyan had had a scare the previous day.

He later returned and instead of parking continued to the other side where Gyan and the guys were the previous day.

“That was the last time I laid my eyes on Castro,” Gyan says emphatically.

“According to my brother, Castro came back to quickly pick Janet in an attempt to skip his scolding run off without a life vest.”

Baffour Gyan who is said to have started shouting and asking the two to take safety precautions before taking off missed the chance to force Janet Bandu to were a life vest as Castro was already in one.

“They two then sped off to where I had asked nobody to move to. That was the last time my brother also saw Castro” says Gyan.

Baffour Gyan later stormed the volley game shouting about how Castro had disrespected him.

“The owners of the Jet Skis later came to us during the volley ball game to tell us our time was up but one of their Jet Skis hadn’t been returned.

“We offered to pay a top up after figuring out Castro was not back,” Gyan continues his narration.

Later on, the owner of the Jet Skis offered to use his personal ride to go check up on Castro and the lady as it was unusual to take that long. Gyan’s manager joined the owner to go check out what had happened.

Asamoah Gyan got scared upon their return looking at his manager’s reaction but was still confident nothing had happened. For him, ‘Under’, as he calls Castro was being his usual self of staying out late and longer than expected. That was his motivation.

Other experienced riders joined the search and came back with an extra Jet Ski.

“As the guy came closer, he shook his head and I asked what he was trying to tell me. I started crying. My brother was already crying saying ‘I warned him’ as the guy talked to us,” according to Asamoah Gyan.

“My manager is a very emotional person and his reaction was discouraging me.”

The team, wanting to know what happened resorted to consulting the oracle after recommendations by people from the nearby village. Gyan who had no money on him borrowed from the bartender to visit the gods.

An emotional Gyan was not in the mood for the mob upon reaching the village.

“The priest at the Oracle did what he had to do and shook his head. I was uncontrollable at the time because I could not bear it anymore.

“I asked what we were supposed to do and he said there were rites which will make us find the dead body.

“According to what he saw during his rites, the lady (Janet) fell into the water and Castro took off his life vest to save her. I know Castro is a good swimmer. He has saved one of my friends.

“When he said that, I knew it could be true. I’ve seen him do it before.”

A second Oracle also confirmed the same story.

Black Stars captain, Asamoah Gyan concludes that for him and what he saw during the holiday trip, Castro is dead.

“I can strongly say ‘Under’ is no more because I was there. But the body has not been found so you can’t confirm,” Asamoah Gyan concludes.


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