Maradona admits he was drunk on wine

Maradona was was drunk on wine before being whisked away in the game between Argentina and Nigeria

Maradona has stated he was binged wine when during the game between Argentina and Nigeria.

The Argentina football legend had to be carried away from the VIP box after Argentina beat Nigeria 2-1 to qualify into the group stages.

Maradona did state he was fine in a few hours after he was attended to at the medical Centre.

'Where we were they were only serving white wine. Yes, we drank all the wine, but now I'm talking to you and I'm telling you the truth.'

Maradona was then forced to deny reports that he had died due to heart failure after the game.

The 1986 World Cup winner was caught asleep in the stands when during the stands as he was drunk on the wine served at the stadium.

He did state that he was then advised to leave at half time but he stated he could not due to the intensity

The 2-1 loss to Argentina sees them book a date with France


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