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Kenya secures job opportunities in Jamaica, 2 groups to benefit

Alfred Mutua has announced job opportunities in Jamaica, 2 groups to benefit

Kenya's Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Alfred Mutua and Senator & Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica, Hon. Kamina J Smith

In a significant development for both nations, Kenya's Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary, Alfred Mutua, recently announced the establishment of extensive employment opportunities for Kenyans in Jamaica.

This milestone was the outcome of bilateral consultations held between Mutua and his Jamaican counterpart, Kamina Smith, on June 20.

The discussions revolved around various key sectors, including the Blue Economy, trade and industry, tourism, etc.


One of the noteworthy outcomes of the consultation was the exploration of new markets for Kenyan tea and coffee in Jamaica.

With Jamaica's population of approximately 3 million people, and its minimal coffee production, there exists a promising opportunity for Kenyan producers to export these products to Jamaica.

The tourism sector also received considerable attention during the discussions. Both countries expressed a desire to share knowledge and best practices between Jamaican Maritime University and Kenya's Bandari College.


This collaboration will encompass various initiatives such as scholarships, student and faculty exchanges, joint curriculum development, internships, and training programs.

To enhance employment opportunities, the two countries agreed to expand existing bilateral frameworks.

Kenyan seafarers will now have the chance to work on Jamaican cruiseships, while Kenyan nurses can explore job prospects in Jamaica's health sector.


According to Mutua, these openings will not only provide valuable employment for Kenyans but also foster cultural exchange and strengthen ties between the two nations

The meeting provided an opportunity for Kenya to showcase its advancements in the financial services sector, particularly with M-pesa, a widely acclaimed mobile payment system.


Mutua emphasized the need for collaboration in financial technology, underscoring the importance of strengthening ties in this field.

The establishment of the Kenya-Jamaica Joint Commission for Cooperation (JCC) further signifies the commitment of both nations to implement the agreed-upon action areas.

This inaugural session, scheduled for October 2023, will be preceded by a high-level visit to Nairobi. It will serve as a platform for fostering closer collaboration and exploring new avenues of mutual benefit.

CS Alfred Mutua expressed Kenya's commitment to support Haiti by advocating for the expedited establishment of policing mechanisms through lobbying the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).


Furthermore, Kenya pledged to facilitate the training of the Haitian Police Force, ensuring the restoration of law and order in the country.



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