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How much KRA assistants raised after netting 30,000 Kenyans in tax crackdown

In the six months that they have been working, recently hired KRA Revenue Service Assistants have identified over 20,551 unregistered taxpayers and enforced compliance of 10,515 taxpayers

A KRA Revenue Service Assistant RSA attending to a businesswoman in Nairobi on September, 27 2023

The recently recruited Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Revenue Service Assistants have made significant progress in expanding the tax base and enhancing revenue mobilization across the country.

The field officers have played a crucial role in supporting KRA's efforts to collect additional revenue and tackle tax evasion.

During a meeting with the National Assembly Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunity, KRA Commissioner General Humphrey Wattanga highlighted the impact of the Revenue Service Assistants.


He told MPs that the RSAs have contributed to an extra Sh180.594 million in revenue collected in the field over the last six months.

He added that the field officers have been instrumental in identifying 20,551 unregistered taxpayers and bringing an additional 10,515 taxpayers into compliance with various tax obligations.

According to the tax man, this approach has helped broaden the tax base and ensure that more individuals and businesses fulfil their tax responsibilities.

Recognizing the challenges faced by field officers in dealing with diverse taxpayers and complex tax evasion schemes, KRA provided comprehensive training to equip them with both tax knowledge and paramilitary skills.

The paramilitary training aimed to instil values such as discipline, dedication, perseverance, courage, and commitment in their service to Kenyans.


The training was also critical due to the physical nature of the officers’ work.

Recruits with health-related complications were not included in the on-boarding process due to potential risks associated with rigorous paramilitary training, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants.

Additionally, the officers received technical training on Value Added Tax, Customs, and KRA business systems to enhance their effectiveness.

In light of the recent court ruling that deemed the RSAs unconstitutional, KRA said that it respects the decision made by the court and is in the process of reviewing its diversity & inclusion policy to address the concerns raised.


"Inspite of efforts made in implementing diversity and inclusion in areas such as gender mainstreaming, work environment and culture, there is still more to be done that shall inform the policy review process," KRA said in a statement.

KRA is also moving towards digital transformation to put in place effective systems and frameworks that will bolster the inclusive equal opportunity agenda.



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