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You can boil githeri with Sh20 electricity - Kenya Power boss advises Kenyans

Siror said it is possible to boil githeri using Sh20 worth of electricity as he advocated for the use of electricity in cooking

Kenya Power CEO and MD Joseph Siror

Joseph Siror, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC), has challenged the belief that cooking with electricity is an expensive endeavour.

Speaking on NTV, Siror confidently asserted that one can cook the traditional Kenyan dish, 'githeri,' using only Sh20 worth of electricity. His statements have sparked a discussion on the cost-effectiveness of electric cooking in Kenya.

"You can cook githeri with S4h20 worth of electricity. The perception that using electricity to cook is expensive is not a reality," Sirori said.

Furthermore, Siror backed his claims with a commitment to demonstrate the feasibility of affordable electric cooking.


"We are willing to demonstrate and prove to all our consumers that cooking with electricity is not costly," he added.

Siror also emphasised the environmental benefits of using electricity for cooking. He pointed out that electric cooking contributes to cleaner energy emissions, aligning with Kenya's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

Additionally, increased electricity consumption for cooking could potentially boost Kenya Power's electricity sales, benefiting both the company and the nation's energy sector.


However, Siror's statements have sparked mixed reactions among Kenyan netizens, with some expressing scepticism about the affordability of electric cooking.

In a previous interview, Siror also explained KPLC's decision to discontinue providing detailed breakdowns of pre-paid bills via SMS. He attributed this change to the preferences of Kenyan consumers.

"We live in a democratic country, and there are those who are bothered by too much information; they just want to know how much is my bill. Other detailed information is available, and you can get it from our portal," Sirori said.


Siror noted that the company is investing to back up the power grid to avoid instances such as nationwide blackouts.



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